Case Study

Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Mad, crazy, over the top outrageous!

That’s our Sam.

In addition to this, he is one of the kindest, most giving men I have ever met.

Sam has referred so many people to our practice that I would almost want to call our practice “Sam’s Place”.

The only thing you have to worry about with Sam is his swearing. 😂

Sam wanted the biggest, whitest most out there smile. And that’s what he got. But more importantly, he can carry it off. Other clients bring Sam to their appointment because they want his smile.

Sam got six porcelain veneers in the whitest shade, two composite veneers, and whitening of his lower teeth.

Sam wanted us to do his lower teeth as well, but he didn’t need them done, as his teeth were great. Lower teeth veneers are a lot more complicated to do than your upper veneers. We often have to build up your back teeth with porcelain inlays. It is for this reason that we will encourage you to whiten your lower teeth, rather than getting lower veneers.

We do offer lower teeth veneers at SmileOn Perth, and there have been times I have strongly suggested that a client gets lower veneers to improve and enhance their upper veneers.

Back to Sam, never change. We love your personality, you are a great friend to SmileOn Perth and we really appreciate you being part of the SmileOn Perth family.