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At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Ready for a sparkling fresh white smile?

Your best asset in your appearance, is your smile! People will remember your smile more than anything else. Make yours impressive!

Professional at-home teeth whitening kits can be arranged with us at SmileOn Perth. Custom-fitted dental trays are included to keep the whitening solution on the surface of the tooth and limit the exposure of the solution to the sensitive gum (gingival) area. Custom-made trays are fitted to the contour of your teeth must be manufactured in order to ensure the whitening solution are properly distributed.

These Professional in-home kits are relatively easy to use and often cheaper than the in-chair whitening. You can use the kit at home in your own time.

When the trays are ready, we will show you how to properly dispense and apply the solution and further instructions needed to obtain the optimal results.

In general, before starting the at-home procedure, you would need to brush, floss, and rinse completely.

The procedure itself is typically performed half an hour to an hour per day for two weeks for best results.

The additional whitening solution can be purchased for touch-ups if required.

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