Case Study

Meet Nathan

Meet Nathan

Nathan came to see us with two problems, one is he didn’t like the size or shape of his teeth, but he also had a very prominent black tooth that he can never whiten.

At any age, the root of a tooth can die, and this will cause the tooth to discolour and in most cases, whitening can not fix it.

You can go for internal whitening and in this case, we used internal whitening on Nathan’s lateral tooth, as the veneer was too thin to cover the dark tooth completely. At a later stage, Nathan may need to redo the internal whitening process on that tooth, however, he won’t need to redo the veneer.

The process of internal whitening is a method of whitening the tooth from the inside out. Firstly, root canal is performed to remove any pulp that is infected. Then, safe sodium perborate paste is placed deep inside the tooth. This material reacts with stains and dissolved their particles, making the teeth appear whiter. The good news is, that as shown in this case, even when you have a dark tooth, you can use internal whitening and porcelain veneers, to create a white smile!

Nathan is a young, healthy-looking man and his smile let him down as he was always conscious of that blackened tooth and uneven smile.

We chose to use a veneer made in Sydney, as it is slightly thicker and would camouflage his black tooth and give him the best possible, even white smile.