Case Study

Meet Rickie

Meet Rickie

Rickie came to us after asking around town where he should go to get his teeth fixed. Over and over again, the name SmileOnPerth came up, and so he booked us in.

The first appointment was a cautious one. He needed to trust us. His dental issues were complex. After over an hour of his consultation, Rickie did not commit to getting his smile done at SmileOnPerth.

He left the practice and I was fine with that as it was an emotional and financial commitment.

I had just started with my next client when the front door swung open, and there stood Rickie with his deposit and ready to book.

It is not how you start, it is how you finish.

As of 9.3.2021 at 2.00pm, there was no more old Rickie and just a stunning new smile that people would die for. But most of all, the most fantastic thing of all was to see Ricky when he sat tall and saw his new smile.

Rickie’s smile is a combination of crowns, bridges and veneers. They were all prepared by SmileOnPerth. We made and fitted in a piece of porcelain, in OM1 colour and natural smile finish.

Rickie, thank you for sharing your smile makeover with our SmileOnPerth readers.