Case Study

Meet Luke

Meet Luke

Luke’s wife came to see us first, and although she wanted veneers she didn’t really need them and we were open and honest about this and suggested she just enjoy your smile and her wonderful baby who came with her to the appointment and who I got to play with for an hour, and it made me long for grandchildren.

Then Luke came in for his appointment and he was a delight! I just loved hearing about his childhood and getting to know him. 

Luke’s main issue was that he was born without adult teeth. They never came through. He never had a full smile and his side teeth looked like little pointed teeth. He thought that we would have to extract his baby teeth and replace them with 3 unit bridges, and this would need to take place on both sides.

Fortunately, this was not the case. At SmileOn Perth, we have strong veneers that can cover small areas securely, which enables us to give our clients a stronger, fuller smile, which can be seen in the attached photos.

Luke’s job is very people orientated. He was constantly having face to face meetings, and having a great smile was something that he had always dreamed of, but never thought was possible.

We gave Luke 6 veneers, two composite veneers and adjusted and whitened his lower teeth.

Luke admitted he is impulsive, but he had said YES the moment we said “it can be done”.

Thank you Luke for being a great, inspiring client.