Case Study

Meet Holly

Meet Holly

View Holly’s beautiful veneer before and after story at SmileOn Perth. 

Holly came to see us about her smile that she had always hated. She is so pretty, but her smile embarrassed her.

She didn’t want to go through orthodontics, and even if she went with the orthodontic option she still would not like the shape or colour of her smile. So she would have to spend just over $5000 to get straight white teeth.

SmileOn Perth is the perfect dental option for patients seeking this option, as we offer natural-looking veneers. We offer the most affordable veneers cost in Perth.

View our amazing veneers Perth “before and after” with Holly.

We couldn’t do 6 veneers on Holly, as one of her main teeth was too forward, and to get the result she was hoping for, we needed to crown the one tooth and then do 5 veneers on her teeth surrounding it.      

Holly had to come in for a crown prep and that appointment was 90 min. She left the practice with a temporary crown, and an idea of what her smile would look when her smile was complete.

There were 3 weeks between the prep of her tooth and the fit of her complete smile, and during this time she had to be very careful with her smile as we did not want the temporary to come off.

Today, she came in with her husband for her fit appointment. We were so gentle that she did not need a needle to remove the temporary crown and once again, this was relaxing and I could hear lots of laughing coming from the surgery.

When it was time for her smile to be revealed we were all there to see that special moment and the results speak for themselves.

Holly got one crown and five veneers in OM1 the whitest shade and the Hollywood smile style. We never promise a perfect smile, but we do our very best to get our patients their best possible smile.

Our veneers are affordable, and our excitement about you receiving your new smile, almost matches yours.

SmileOn Perth is the perfect dental option for patients seeking this option, as we offer natural-looking veneers for an affordable price. We offer the most affordable veneers cost in Perth.

Thank you Holly for being a great client and letting us share your story. View all our veneer before and after stories!

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