Case Study

Meet Elyce

Meet Elyce

Elyse is getting married, and because of COVID19, her wedding has been cancelled 3 times. So, she decided to get herself a new smile!

Once again, her appointment was cancelled because of the COVID19 lockdown. Because of this, we saw Elyce on a Saturday morning. No sooner had she arrived home after her first appointment, did she call me back to book her finance in so that he could also have a new smile for their wedding.

Elyse started with a big gap and she wanted to see what she would look like with no gap and bigger teeth. So, she got composite veneers. These veneers are made from filling material; they are cheaper than porcelain veneers and we have many people who op for composite veneers. However, at SmileOn Perth, we only do porcelain. The only time we do composite veneers is when we offer you 2 complimentary veneers to complete your smile.

So back to Elyse. After a year, Elyse was no longer happy with her composite veneers, which she had at another practice.

The veneer had discoloured, chipped and they were not the size or finish that Elyse wanted not just for her wedding day, but for always.

We had to remove some of the composite veneers. Without damaging her tooth, he rescanned her smile skeleton and ordered 6 beautiful porcelain veneers.

All that is left to do is make sure that her partner has a matching smile on their wedding day!