Case Study

Meet Cathy

Meet Cathy

Cathy came to us in July 2020 and this is where her smile journey began. Cathy’s smile was straight, but her teeth were small and ground down and the colour was not as white as she would like. She tried all different kinds of whitening processes, but it wouldn’t get her to the point where her smile was where she dreamed it to be.

Cathy started saving and got 6 stunning veneers that she was thrilled with. However, you could still see her lower teeth, and they let her down as they were ground down and very far from the shade of her upper teeth.

In February 2021 she returned to us to have her lower teeth done. We don’t do lower veneers on all our cases, as you have to have the right bite to accommodate the upper and lower porcelain hitting each other. In Cathy’s case, we saw the need to complete her smile with lowers veneers. To get her lowers as we had to build up her back teeth with porcelain inlays. These inlays are placed over the back tooth to open up your smile to ensure that you don’t smash your veneers. 

Our first step is to whiten your lower teeth. Our second step is to refer you to ‘Pure Whitening’ in Mandurah, as Kylie has porcelain veneers and knows how to whiten lower teeth professionally. Our last step is to make you a set of lower veneers.

Cathy really takes care of herself and she simply wanted a smile to match. Often, when your lower teeth are not veneered, it lets down your upper veneers. We will not do a full set of uppers and lowers at the same appointment as it is just too much for the client to handle. It ends up with breakages and we will ALWAYS put the complete dental health of the clients first. 

If you would like lower veneers, keep this in mind and we are more than happy to discuss this with you. Just be aware of the price, comfort and colour match of uppers and lowers!