Case Study

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Sarah won’t see her before and after case study on Facebook or Instagram, as she is not on social media, but today she said, “please put up my story, let other people see that dreams do come true. I never thought I would have a smile like this. POST THE PHOTOS!” I so enjoy this story. A dream come true for this stunning lady.

If Sarah takes care of her smile and complete dental health, she will enjoy her new veneers for 10 years or more. Sarah’s smile was achieved with six Porcelain veneers in the whitest shade. There was minimal preparation to her own teeth, and the veneers took less than 50 minutes to fit, with no injection required.

Sarah’s mum said she has never seen her daughter this happy, and I had the privilege of taking photos of Sarah smiling for the first time in years.

A few hours later I received this message from Sarah … “I love my new smile. I haven’t left the mirror. I went to Myer and bought a new Mac lipstick (l don’t wear lipstick), so as not to draw attention to my mouth. Literally walked around the city smiling at everyone. This is one of the best days of my life.”

Such lovely, happy client reviews make our jobs at SmileOnPerth so rewarding.