Case Study

Meet Sherree

Meet Sherree

Getting married and want to have the best possible smile for your big day? SmileOn Perth is the perfect dental option for patients seeking this option, as we offer beautiful natural-looking veneers at the most affordable veneers cost in Perth.

Sherree came to use us with her finance to discuss what could possibly be done for her smile as she was getting married in May this year. She left our office with all the information she required. How many veneers she would need, what shade she would choose and what style.

She wanted to know how much this would cost and how many appointments she would need. She then left the practice as she wanted to think this all through. I sat and my desk and hoped that she would get a new smile for her wedding.

She was spending money on a dress, a venue, flowers and food. I wanted her to have a radiant smile for her wedding day and memories and photos that would last forever. Less than 24 hours later she phoned to confirm that she was going ahead with her new smile and the style and colour she had chosen.

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She is a natural beauty, so we had chosen OM2 the 2nd whitest shade. We chose HT, a high translucent finish so that her veneers would be as naturally beautiful as her. She chose to have a Hollywood smile as she was immediately drawn to that style, and she deposited $2000 into our account as she confirmed she was ordering 6 stunning porcelain veneers.

Sherree flew in for her appointments, so everything had to run on time. She is getting married in May so we were leaving nothing to chance!

We straightened, whitened and completely changed Sherree’s smile. She got to see them at the half on half off stage and she just loved them. It really was a kind of magic.

Sherree cried when she saw her new smile. I am sure she will cry when she picks up her wedding dress tomorrow, but these are all tears of job and from all of us at SmileOn Perth. We cant wait to see your wedding photos.

Thank you Sherree for letting us share your veneer story.

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