Case Study

Meet Tahliea

Meet Tahliea

Tahliea’s teeth were a natural yellow colour, which doesn’t mean she didn’t look after her teeth, as they were in fact very healthy.

Her dad had had conventional veneers and the most important thing to them both was that the integrity of her own teeth was upheld.

We, therefore, chose porcelain veneers for her new smile.

These veneers are thin and white and they would enhance the shape and colour of her teeth.

She went home to discuss the shape and colour with her parents. Phoning me back a few hours later to say she wanted to pay her $2000 deposit.

We sent her case off and 4 weeks later they were back and ready to be fitted.

We knew this smile would be wonderful as her smile could only be improved with veneers.

When we showed Tahliea her smile before we fitted them, we showed them to her half on and half off.

She could not believe the amazing difference. The after photos were astounding as no adjustments had to be made to her own original smile and her face came alive.

Tahliea couldn’t wait to get home to show her parents and let her agent know that she had a bright new smile to showcase in her photos.