Case Study

Meet Liv

Meet Liv

Liv came to SmileOn Perth for a number of reasons! Firstly, she knew a lot of the people who had come to us, on our Instagram page. She then wrote to me with a lot of questions before she booked in for her appointment at SmileOn Perth. I could feel her personality online before I even met her!

Liv had a few concerns about her teeth. The shape of her teeth worried her and she did not want to have braces or Invisalign. In addition to this, the colour worried her as she had white marks on her natural teeth that she could not remove. Lastly, even if she straightened her teeth, she still did not like the shape or style of her teeth.

With 6 porcelain veneers in the whitest shade, she managed to correct all her concerns.

She chose the natural smile line and we gave her two complacently composite veneers. We adjusted her lower teeth with no extra charge and gave her a take-home whitening kit for her to whiten her lower teeth at home.

Liv has contacted us as she loves her teeth, but she is battling to floss between one of her teeth. We check that you can floss between all your teeth before you leave SmileOn Perth, however, if this happens, we encourage you to come back in and let us assist you in this area, as your complete dental health is of the utmost importance. Liv was thrilled to see her face on our Instagram page, as she wanted to be featured as one of the happy clients who got their new smile.

Liv wants to keep coming to us for her regular check-ups as she doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Sadly, after your veneers are fitted, we refer you back to your general dentist to maintain your only going dental health. But Liv, you will always be a good friend of ours and we look forward to following your nursing career on Instagram!