Case Study

Meet Cassie

Meet Cassie

Our gorgeous client Cassie contacted us because she knew SmileOn Perth has created more porcelain Veneer smiles than any other Dentist in Australia.

Cassie had a smile dream and although she already had a beautiful smile, Cassie wanted it to be the best smile she could possibly have.

Cassie had researched her dream smile and decided after making contact, based on SmileOn Perth’s prior work and reputation, to book in with us and flew all the way from Melbourne to fulfil her smile dream.

Cassie already had healthy teeth and a great smile and we were able to achieve her new smile without damaging any of her natural teeth.

We did a full dental health check of Cassie’s teeth and gums. We then took impressions for Cassie’s occlusal splint, and then we whitened her lower teeth. Together we chose the colour of her new porcelain Veneers.

We fitted six Veneers and two composite veneers to Cassie’s upper teeth, and she was thrilled with the results! The reason we fitted two composite veneers, was to make Cassie’s new smile even more affordable for her, which put even more of a smile on her beautiful face.

Check out Cassie’s before and after video and her dream smile photos.