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Everyone Dreams Of A Beautiful Straight White Smile
Your smile doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can be the best possible smile for you.  One of the reasons why Sean Slotar gets so excited about the GlamSmile Veneers procedure is because he does not have to drill down your healthy teeth. We can almost go as far as saying that this is a...
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The Difference Between Teeth Whitening & Veneers
Whitening your teeth definitely has its place in the dental industry but it does not replace veneers, composite veneers or crowns. Teeth whitening can be done in conjunction with GlamSmile Veneers. At SmileOn Perth we offer whitening of your lower teeth as part of our GlamSmile Veneer smile package as we want your complete smile...
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Can I Get Veneers?
At SmileOnPerth we will do anything to try and get you the best possible smile. Dr Sean Slotar has done more Glamsmile veneer cases than anyone else in Australia and at 54 years old (don’t tell him we included that in the webpage) he has over 30 years dental experience. So if there is a...